Olympix Corporation

1) Audio/Video system (CD, Radio, TV, Video Game, VCR, Video Camera, etc)

Any cables connected to the system should have a ferrite core: AC power cables, video/audio cables, coax/feeder cables, speaker cables, etc. Use 1 ferrite core at the equipment side and make a loop, or two if possible. If cables are connected between equipments that you want to protect, ferrite cores should be used at both ends.

2) Phone

Use 1 ferrite core for phone lines and make a few loops over the core. If a power supply cable is also connected, do the same as above.

3) Internet

Use 1 ferrite core for internet (phone) lines or cables (cable DSL), and make a loop or a few over the core. If a power supply cable is also connected when an external modem is used, do the same as above.

4) Appliances

The following are some examples of appliances which often emit noises: Microwave ovens, mixers, juice makers, vacuum cleaners, power tools: those with motors. The noise may be emitted by internal components or through attached cables such as power cables. The ferrite core effectively suppresses the noise emitted through the cable.

NOTE: Ferrite core Model#31500 is recommended for above installation suggestions. As always, make a loop, or a few when possible.

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