Olympix Corporation

1) Computers

Any cable coming in/out of a computer should have a ferrite core on its side. Except for the power supply cable, the other ends of the cables are connected to other devices (display, modem, external driver, etc) that should also be protected.  So you should use 1 ferrite core at each end of the cable. As always, make a loop, or a few when possible.

2) Networks

Two or more computers can share an internet connection through the use of a router/hub. You can also share resources such as printers, scanners and so forth among multiple computers.  When computers are networked, all cables leading in/out of the router/hub/switch box, should have a ferrite core.  For those who install computer networks commercially, we urge you to recommend that to your clients and install them.  Show your professionalism! We have ferrite cores in various sizes and bulk pricing is available.  Please inquire with us.  

3) Internet

Use 1 ferrite core for internet (phone) lines or cables (cable DSL), and make a loop or a few over the core. If a power supply cable is also connected when an external modem is used, do the same as above.

NOTE: Ferrite core Model#31500 is recommended for above installation suggestions. As always, make a loop, or a few when possible.

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